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A lifelong guitarist, Gary started playing as a kid yet through life's experiences - sports, school, friends, marriage, career, kids, life... it was a start-stop effort. "It seemed like a love-hate relationship for years," says Gary. "I would get pulled into the next phase of life and the music would just have to wait. I was neglecting my musical angels, but with the promise that one day we would jointly devote ourselves to this thing."  They waited patiently.

After playing lead as a sideman in a couple Dallas-Ft Worth bands several years ago, Gary remembered his first love, and began an earnest effort to focus his energy on songwriting and original instrumental compositions.

"I think my song writing came out of a combination of that early creative nature and the fact that for so many years I was not in a band or had any collaborators to diffuse where I wanted to go. I realized if I'm going to make music for these lonely walls in my home studio, I'm just going to write it!"  For many years, Gary has been quietly writing (and rewriting) his songs and compositions. 
The recording is complete and he is now making songs available to publishers and the public, with the release of his first CD, Pick Your Heart's Desire.

While the "pundits" say the last thing you want to promote is your versatility or the eclectic nature of your music, Gary writes what he writes and damn the pundits. "I'm not stuck in any one genre, but there are common threads that run throughout my music.  I bring my various styles to the song to create the mood I'm looking for.  I'm writing for publishers who are looking for something different every day.  And I'm writing for my audience who tell me that it's refreshing that not every song sounds the same."  It seems to work for Gary with and that thread... his guitar playing, and desire to compose quality original music.

That said, Gary makes no apologies that he strives for a memorable pop sound intended for wide appeal across genres.  Serious, funny, lighthearted or thought provoking, there is something for everyone.  He clearly seems to be writing for the masses and isn't really interested in preaching to the choir.  Regardless of style or genre, Gary is sure to be noticed and enjoyed by anyone who enjoys quality guitar music and likes songwriter/artists that can move in and out of the mold.

"I appreciate those who have taken an interest and ask you to come back for some little surprises in the future... Thank you for your support!" -- Gary Devlin   5/21/2016